Welcome to the Auditing Academy

The Auditing Academy welcomes you!

Do you have you a keen eye for detail? Do you always want to know 'why'?
Do you enjoy analytical thinking and have interest in computerized systems and technologies?
The Auditing Academy may be the perfect opportunity for you!

GXP Engaged Auditing Services, a global clinical auditing and quality management consultancy company, has partnered with the ECCRT, Europe's leading clinical research training company, to bring an exciting opportunity to prospective, motivated talent like you.

We are offering this unique opportunity to be part of our growing auditing team, gaining valuable experience in clinical auditing and the applicable regulations, whilst completing the assigned ECCRT training modules.

The academy will initially be for three years, with potential to extend further. The first year will be a combination of professional experience in clinical auditing, working with our experienced auditors, combined with ECCRT training in modular form. In the following two years you will support the team's expansion whilst continuing to develop the skills gained in the introductory year.

Have you considered a job in Clinical Auditing?

Do you have ...

The Auditing Academy

Good soft skills

The Auditing Academy

the desire to travel

The Auditing Academy

The will to join an international team

What we look for?

You have made your first experience in pre-clinical or clinical research or have an academic background and have ...

The Auditing Academy

Affinity to the field

The Auditing Academy

Willingness for teamwork

What skills will you acquire?

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