The Engaged Database (TED)

Your Audit Observations Compared to Others

The Engaged Database, or TED as we like to call it, is a validated database of standardised audit observations. Audit observations are coded according to the categories and subcategories used by the inspectors of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and graded according to EMA criticality definitions. The data is fully anonymised using a numbering system for each audit, protecting the identity of the auditee/auditor. With TED, you as user have access to a straightforward tool which allows the comparison of the results of one or more audits to the results from a large number of audits from other companies.

TED – The Smart Solution

TED is a smart solution which can help you save resources, identify risks and prevent failure of research and development projects.

Find out how the results from your audit programme measure up against those of other companies. What do the results really mean and what can you learn from them?

The detailed TED statistics can help you and your managers to better interpret the results of your audits and provide a factual basis to help in identifying potential risks, which in turn can lead to more informed decision-making on a corporate level.


Analytical report

An analytical report is generated to compare your audit result data with similar audits in the database. Filters such as phase of trial, geographical area or therapeutic area can be used to tailor the benchmark sample further. Descriptive statistics, such as percentage of reports with observations in each subcategory and graphs showing the calculated compliance index, provide you with a structured assessment.

Using TED, you can see at a glance where your audit result stands in comparison with the anonymised results from other companies. TED can help large companies to avoid a bias when interpreting their audit results, whilst allowing smaller companies to benchmark, even if they only have very few audits of one type.

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The Engaged Database (TED)

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