SALSA! Make your audit Smarter

SALSA, Statistical Assessment Layer for Site Audits, is a statistical tool developed to facilitate the selection of study sites, data points and subjects for investigator site audits both remote or on-site.

SALSA makes your audit smarter by allowing you to visualise study data; patterns, unusual data, or statistical abnormalities, which may point to differences between populations at different clinical sites.
Standard data, such as Height, Weight, Vital Signs, ECGs, AEs or Protocol specific data, such as Primary and Secondary endpoints, can be depicted showing digit preference, inliers, outliers, rounding, inter-intra patient analysis, correlations, under-over reporting, distributions and more.
Once you have assessed your data quality and integrity you can tailor your samples for SDR or SDV for remote or on-site investigator audits.
Our tool can also be used to validate central monitoring at the audited site to confirm adequacy and risk control.
SALSA can also be combined with a stepwise RISA for remote auditing with or without site/CRO involvement or for just a data review.

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