GXP Engaged’s acquisition of Polaris Compliance Consultants, Inc. accelerates US growth and creates a clear market leader in global GxP audit and related consulting services.

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, April 29, 2024 – GXP Engaged Auditing Services, the leading international firm of GxP auditors, with specialist expertise in the provision of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GVP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Computer System Validation (CSV) audits, has announced its acquisition of North Carolina-based Polaris Compliance Consultants, Inc. The acquisition accelerates GXP Engaged’s international growth strategy and creates the clear market leader, with over 250 highly qualified auditors and coverage of 65+ countries, providing clients with access to exceptional auditing services across the globe.

Polaris was formed nearly thirty years ago and is known internationally for the excellent quality of its GxP auditing services. Combined with GXP Engaged’s newly formed US entity, the acquisition brings scale and breadth of expertise to the US market, complementing GXP Engaged’s already established presence in the UK, Europe and Asian markets.

GXP Engaged is well-positioned to continue supporting clients with navigating an increasingly onerous and rigorously enforced regulatory environment. With support from Kester Capital, a UK-based Private Equity firm, GXP Engaged is building a global presence rapidly, both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

“At GXP Engaged, we have created the clear market leader in GxP auditing services, with a roster of exceptional quality auditors across all major geographies,” said Ian Montague, CEO of GXP Engaged. “Acceleration of growth in the strategically important US market is crucial for us as we consolidate our dominant market position. It also further strengthens our ability to provide our clients with the support they need in any location.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Celine Clive, President and founder of Polaris Compliance, said, “We are delighted to have been acquired by GXP Engaged. We share the same reputation for quality, our cultures are highly compatible and I am confident that our valued clients will feel the benefits for many years to come, through access to more extensive resources and continued engagement with the highest quality auditors.”

GXP Engaged operates internationally, with offices in four primary locations - the UK, Germany, Austria and the United States of America. Following the acquisition, Celine Clive has stepped into an advisory role and will support Ian Montague in his role as CEO.

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