Global Quality Management Consultancy and Auditing Services
Barbara Heumann (formerly Schnurr)

Barbara Heumann (formerly Schnurr),
Managing Director

GXP Engaged About us

GXP Engaged Auditing Services is a management buy-out company of the auditing and consultancy service brand of the Harrison Clinical Research Group.

The company provides services to the industry, authorities and academia that require full independence from other service providers involved in clinical research.

GXP Engaged Auditing Services headquarters is located in Munich, Germany, and provides global QM Auditing and Consultancy services through its network of QM personnel. The QM team involved in the execution of GXP Engaged Auditing Services contracts has provided this type of service for small, mid-size and large companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, nutrition and related industries, as well as to authorities and academia, since 2003.

GXP Engaged Auditing Services provides assistance to:

  • Any company from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, nutrition or related areas with QM support requirements for clinical trials or company systems and procedures
  • Public companies / authorities
  • Investigators
  • Regulatory or QM service providers who need resources in this field
  • Clinical Research Service Providers

The Quality Management market is a growing market corresponding to increased requirements from regulatory authorities and the trend to outsource work, particularly if it requires very specific experience and expertise.

The most critical deliverable of the performance of GXP Engaged Auditing Services is the quality and experience of its QM professionals.

QM consultancy activities are usually single activities which require very specific experience and, ideally, a professional who is located and/or well-versed in the geographical area of the auditee and/or sponsor. We take great care in the selection of our contract staff and have documented tools and processes used to ensure high standards.

Managing Director, Dr. Barbara Heumann (formerly Schnurr) is a QM professional who has 20 years of experience in the field, with exposure to many companies through her former position as Director of Quality Management for the Harrison Clinical Research Group. She has a respected public reputation gained through multiple publications and presentations at international conferences. Between 2008 and 2009 Dr. Heumann (formerly Schnurr) was in charge of establishing the Austrian office of Harrison Clinical Research. As a permanent member of the Harrison Clinical Research Management Board she was involved in all strategic discussions and decisions related to Quality Management and other relevant business aspects taken by the Group. Dr. Heumann (formerly Schnurr) is a member of RQA (Research Quality Association), DGGF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für gute Forschungspraxis), and she has the EOQ certificate as Quality Manager and the DGQ certificate as internal auditor.

Dr. Barbara Heumann (formerly Schnurr), Managing Director of GXP Engaged Auditing Services is looking forward to continuing interaction between all clients and countries, whether it be pertinent to GCP, GLP or GMP, FDA or EMA inspections or validation audits. Her goal is to fulfill customer needs and promote a consistent quality structure between sponsor management, investigational staff and suppliers, thereby demonstrating and providing all services worldwide.

Do give her a call on ++49 (89) 5130 5137 or e-mail her at and see how GXP Engaged Auditing Services can be of help to you.